First of all, thank you for checking out this ‘about’ page!

I created this site for two reasons: to empower myself in my own experience of family life; to help others empower themselves in pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. 

I find that my identity is always evolving, as a woman, as a mother and wife who is co-raising three incredible, rambuctious souls. Like a plant that needs repotting from time to time, my roots always need room to go deeper, my branches need space to unfurl themselves. I can’t move myself to a bigger container on my own, I need other women to help me, to hold me, to see me. 

Perhaps, you are already a mother, or intend to become one soon. Perhaps you are having your first child, or maybe you are adding to your family. This blog is to help you expand, to move into a larger space. I want to support you in your ongoing empowerment:
I am talking about being empowered to make your own choices about what is right for you, your body, and your family in pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.

I am talking about liberation from cultural ‘shoulds’ that attend pregnancy, birth, and parenthood, and being empowered to reach for your own unique way of creating your identity as a mother. I want you to feel like you are the author of your own matresence, your own transition. 

I am talking about liberation from the stuff that we all struggle with at times, but rarely discuss, like self-doubt, fear, anxiety, shame, grief, and anger. I want to help you hold everything you think and feel in a way that empowers you to be present and compassionate with yourself. 

I want you to be whole, loved, celebrated, seen, and truly acknowledged, on this incredible childbearing journey, whether you are at the beginning, the middle, or the end. 

I want you to feel an expansion of possibility in becoming a mother, not a contraction of self. I want you to feel like you have the power to create positive social change for your family and community in the choices that you are inspired to live. 

I believe that every individual has innate common sense, and is able to make good decisions, even as they transition from one completely new phase of life to another. I work on the assumption that the basic ’stuff’ a person needs to have a great pregnancy, birth, and parenting experience is already there, and that it is my job to help people get in touch with their innate capacities, and to access whatever else they may require.

I know that women often need space to explore and reflect rather than someone else’s answers. For this reason, the main thing I do is listen and respond to the person in front of me. I look at you, I listen to you, and I help you to free yourself from sticky or painful thoughts, to gain new insight into your story about who you are and what is true for you. Based on your personal interests, I use my professional knowledge to suggest resources that will help you find answers, settle into yourself, and create alignment between your wants and needs. 

Here is what one of my clients had to say…

Alexis immediately made me feel so safe and comfortable on our Skype call. She was warm and inviting, a great listener and had very insightful and helpful information…Our session helped me to clarify a lot and to soften into how it is with my nearly 3 year old. I can’t thank Alexis enough for her support.

Samantha samrockcooper.com

For more information visit my services page.

I am a birth professional, an educator, a coach, a parent, a wife. I have an MSc in Educational Research, and am undergoing certification as a Childbirth Educator and Breastfeeding Counsellor with Childbirth International. I would say that essentially I am an expert in supportive listening, and pragmatic encouragement. 
Feel free to share my posts, get in touch with me, or send me your suggestions and comments. I love to hear from readers and always reply.

Come over to The Mamajestic Facebook Group, and join in the conversation.

Send me an email at alexisblenkarn@gmail.com.

Lots of love,
Alexis xxx

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