My Services

Personal Coaching 

I offer personal coaching to pregnant women and mothers seeking a space to explore their experiences. I am here to listen, counsel, to help you to find information and clarity. Most of all I want to help you take care of your own needs in the midst of pregnancy and motherhood. I want to support you as you carry, birth, and raise your baby in the way that best fits you and your family, to enjoy your life, and to feel connected with those closest to you.

Breastfeeding Support

I am delighted to offer breastfeeding support online, giving assistance via email, Facebook, or Skype, and also in person in the Coimbra area, Portugal. I am also happy to receive referrals.

Antenatal Sessions

I offer bespoke prenatal classes to pregnant women, couples, and groups, that develop their understanding of pregnancy, birth, and parentcraft. These can be taken as in person sessions in the Coimbra area or online via Skype. Together we can design an antenatal course which fits your precise needs, whether you are a first-time parent or expecting a new addition to your growing family.

Doula Services

I am able to offer support as a birth doula and postpartum doula at certain points through the year, subject to the availability of childcare. 

Email me at for further information.

Here is what some recent clients had to say…

I love Alexis. Her support has been invaluable to me. I was really struggling as a single mother and she took the time to listen to me. I feel her listen so deeply, it’s very healing. And she can name things I’m experiencing which I haven’t found language for, which is also very healing. Just thank you so much Alexis. I feel so much more confident and self approving as a mother thanks to you.

Kayla  Star Light Life Coaching

I felt more prepared for birth and calmer. We also spoke after the birth and that really, really helped me come to terms with what was a pretty traumatic birth experience for me and finally start to get some perspective and closure regarding it.


Alexis has been an angel! As a first time mum I felt lost with my breastfeeding. Alexis kept supporting me remotely step by step and patiently explaining everything about lactation, the positions, expressing etc. She answered my every single question with compassion and understanding and she was always there when I faced another obstacle. She was very generous with her time and her knowledge. She encouraged me when I wanted to give up. She helped me through nipple pain, problems with latching on, my doubts with regards to milk supply and expressing. She gave me more support and practical tips than the few local midwifes I had been dealing with. Thank you so much for your patience and willingness Alexis! I persevered with breastfeeding thanks to your amazing help. I wouldn’t have done it without you!








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